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Learning and experience on traditional shamanism.
Sacred plant retreats at our center in Ecuador.

Long traditional-high quality spiritual retreats from one-two weeks to one month, to learn and experience the roots of Shamanism and the Spirit. “Cumbres de Arutam” is the Arutam Ruyman´s center, located in the heart of Amazonian rainforest, Ecuador. Dedicated to honour and protect the ancient “shuar” tradition.

Works And Center Visits

Arutam Ruymán & Jordi Red Toucan´s  traditional healing and teaching center in the jungle, aims to perpetuate the culture of Shamanism at the very heart of its origin: the Amazon. Under the leadership of the great brother Tucán Rojo, the center is committed to the protection and conservation of the environment following the way of traditional and ecological life. We strive to keep alive the enchantment of the forest, taking care of the growth of medicines, and leading the real and deep way for future generations. Shamanism is an art that has been increasingly absent and more deprived of its roots. Confusion and manipulation has dented this art and it will disappear if the legacy of its truth is not continued on our earth and in our hearts

In the center we are committed to caring for traditional knowledge and integration with the environment. Therefore, retreats are carried out in the primary natural reserve of Sangay (Ecuador), where the center extends over hundreds of hectares in the heart of the jungle, surrounded by rivers and waterfalls. In these retreats, we aim to unite man to the Spirit through coexistence with the uncorrupted nature that our grandparents knew. The sacred knowledge of Shamanism is taught through the transmission, teaching, and guidance of Arutam Ruymán, the experience of the older brothers, the richness of the ancient’s simple and humble way of life, as well as the ancient medicines of the jungle and power plants.


The duration of the retreats can be extensive, especially with regard to learning, serious practices involving strong medicines, transmissions of power (Tsentsak) and initiation rituals. The practice in the jungle, in its waterfalls and other places is an extensive journey, which requires spending the night, fasting, preparation, sincere devotion, deep understanding and the approval of Ruymán. It is a long and thorough job for experienced practitioners, for around 27 days.

The center has opened its doors  to all the public since February 2021. It is fully prepared to receive those who are interested in initiation, or those who want to explore advanced and traditional forms of shamanic practice. Through a prior interview, we offer the public two forms of retreat:

Una persona machacando medicina en la selva

One Week Retreat

The most recommended way for people looking for a basic knowledge of initiation. It consists of three or four ceremonies with Natem. It also involves, at least once, the initiation to the Andean cactus. There are also constant teachings, meditations and disciplined practices that involves, as well, the use of Amazonian “Tsaank”. Each ceremony usually has a ritualistic duration of about eight hours -the time of the trance’s procedure, depending on the capacity of each individual as well as their personal effort-, almost until the afternoon of the following day. Focused on the teachings, immersed in the jungle, walking the path under the auspices of Arutam Ruymán, the guests spend almost all their time of the retreat in a trance state, learning to take care of the sacred touch of Life. For this reason, this is not only a center that offers a simple retreat for tourists with accommodation, food, new social relations or a new cool experience. You must be interested in walking on a deep ancestral path, where you will learn to live and feel like the ancient natives of the Amazon, under the careful guidance of a true Shaman. For this reason, before making a decision on how to participate, you should at least read the blog on this page, pay special attention to the films on the channels, and be duly informed about the commitment and seriousness implicit in this form of traditional practice.

ruyman hablando con una nativa shuar

Two Weeks Retreat

In this type of retreat, the same information from the previous section applies but to this we must add more activities. The public will be initiated into the traditional Waterfall ceremony (Tuna Karamamu), where the participants walk the path that leads to the learning of dreaming, as they drink “Tsaank” and spend the night next to the waterfalls in the jungle. The ceremonies will be extended, then, to about seven or eight, as there will be another three or four sessions of Natem in the following week, again with the option of one of the sessions including the cactus. It goes without saying that the depth of the trance and understanding of the Union with Life is all the more remarkable when adding this second week of work.

If someone who was planning to stay a week wishes, after the first week, to stay for the second week of the retreat, this is possible but only if places are available.

retiro en ecuador medicinal

Short Stay Retreat

For occasional visitors or those who are in the process of initiation, learning, patients, etc., we have a smaller part of the project, separately, in some fields that are not very far from a little village. Easy access, greater comfort and communication will allow these people to stay closer to their daily lives while delving into the art of Shamanism with Arutam. Here it is also possible to stay for a longer time, that guarantees a recovery, together with nature, after the ceremonies. Thus, the integration of the lived experience and care would be facilitated, in order to enjoy more teachings and treatments. Patients receiving treatment must remain in this place for the necessary time stipulated by Ruymán. It is usually from two weeks to three months, depending on how much treatment you need.

Although Shamanism is a gradual path of learning and all inner knowledge comes in due time, as we get closer to Arutam; there will be workshops and programs open to the public so that different areas of knowledge of this art can be made known, and so that this experience can be opened to the world. For example, meetings are offered in the morning and afternoon to introduce the public to work with “Tsaank” and other herbs, lectures, teachings, traditional open rituals, brief music auditions, demonstrations of how traditional instruments are made, preparation of medicines, small retreats with diet and ceremonies, etc.

animal de la selva similar a una hoja

Healing In The Jungle

We must all find the magical relationship which doze off the dark seduction, in a world of medicine that enchants the man of power in a noble way. Sacred land, you who teach us in your deep enchantment, all understanding leads to the perfect union in the peace of man and the whole world. Great Perfection, Absolute Sense, Spirit of the Whole. You are the caress that every man deserves, the nest where to rest to finally understand yourself and let it go into the truth. We must learn to take care of the sacred touch and all its expression. We must provide ourselves with a life next to nature, so that later we can take the whole world in that single feeling.

Participants And Acommodation

Places – a maximum of 18 invited participants – must be reserved immediately after the interview, by means of a bank transfer of a part of the total amount. Those who wish to continue attending for a second week after the first one, will be notified in advance in case that possibility is compromised by high demand.

The price includes shared accommodation in traditional native or wooden houses. In the center we offer spaces with viewpoints to the mountains and the jungle, for meditation and spiritual practice. Special care will be taken when locating the participants, so that everyone feels comfortable. The bath is in nature, we bathe in the jungle.

The diet is also included. It is carefully optimized to obtain the best possible performance during work. At times it becomes very traditional and very rigorous, but at other times it will be more generous and more ordinary. Review diet and other related information in the blog section for this purpose.

In case of special requirements such as: transportation to and from the airport, special diets, illnesses, medication, etc. Let us know.

gente en el retiro de ceremonias de ecuador


– June 19-July 2, 2024 (diferent levels of practice)

– January 10-31, 2025

Remember it is possible partake in a seven days retreat as well in these very dates.


Cumbres de Arutam:

Morona Santiago, Palora, Sangay National Park, Ecuador.

For further information visit unioninarutam.org

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